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Vertical enamelling machine introduction 2017/03/18
Vertical enamelling machine Is the production of enameled wire of the main equipment, the traditional enameled machine control system using analog instrument and relay contact control, control func...
Vertical enamelling machine process characteristics and control requirements 2017/03/18
Vertical enamelling machine Using a new hot air circulation process. Wire to speed v after the release of annealing, painting, through the oven heating the heating zone baking, the paint layer of o...
Vertical enamelling machine control system components and functions 2017/03/18
For the charcoal charter production process and the corresponding characteristics of machinery and equipment, the use of industrial control computer composed of enameled machine measurement and con...
Vertical enamelling machine control system hardware configuration 2017/03/18
IPC system configuration IPC system selected Advantech industrial PC and the board system configuration. PCL-818L: 12-bit single-ended 16-channel data acquisition card, the conversion rate of 40K...
Horizontal enamelling machine introduction 2017/03/18
In order to meet the requirements of the insulation system of electrical and electrical equipment to the F-class development, adjust the enameled wire product structure, accelerate the development ...
Vertical enamelling machine temperature specification for wire painting 2017/03/18
After the wire is painted and baked in the oven, it is the most important stage in the painting process. In the lower part of the vertical furnace, the solvent evaporates from the paint layer; in t...
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