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Horizontal enamelling machine development 2017/03/18
From the development point of view, if China in the manufacture and application of insulating paint, the future more engage in some fast evaporation and curing of paint (such as high-speed polyurethane paint, F-class high-speed polyester pa...
Horizontal enamelling machine energy - saving measures of the transformation program 2017/03/18
Enameled wire production is currently the most effective energy-saving measures, mainly enamel waste gas (solvent vapor) re-use, followed by reasonable control of the largest loss of heat (about 60%) of the smoke. Horizontal enamel furnace...
Catalytic block performance 2017/03/18
1, a wide range of applications for the treatment of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxygen derivatives of industrial organic waste gas. 2, the gas flow resistance is low, the reaction starting temperature is low, high activity, wide airs...
Design of Composite Coating Enamel Furnace 2017/03/18
In foreign countries, the production of composite coated enameled wire, commonly used on the primer and topcoat for multiple coating, one (or synchronous) molding equipment. In order to meet the different requirements of two kinds of insula...
What is the charter 2017/03/18
The enameled paint used in the production process of enameled wire contains a large amount of diluent and organic solvent. The main components are benzene, xylene and cresol, which emerge when the film is heated and cured, causing environme...
Introduction of energy - saving and environment - friendly 2017/03/18
It is noteworthy that: the combustion of organic matter can not damage the enameled wire, for which must have a special combustion chamber, the heat after burning must be led to the lower part of the furnace; the upper part of the heat with...
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